2016 DEMO

by N.E.G.

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Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Luis Hernandez at Dullest Record Studios in Perkasie, PA
Artwork by Wes Rizzle

Vox - Matt
Guitar - Kody
Guitar - Sam
Bass - Nar
Drums - Aidan


released May 10, 2016



all rights reserved


N.E.G. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: N.E.G.
Never ending guilt
I’m sick got knots in my stomach
Nothings ever good
Can’t live up to my own standards

I spend my time wandering the streets
Walking to nowhere
I’ve spent my entire life down on the ground
I’ll fucking stay there

Get away from me
I can’t help you, you can’t help me
Why can’t you see?
You’re wasting your breath and wasting my time.

Believe me
Nothings ever good.
Track Name: Wasted
Going through the motions
I ain’t got no emotions
Floating through the day
Cause that’s the only way that I can get by

Wasting my time
Already wasted my youth, staring at the wall, wasting my time.
Sold myself short
Already sold all my shit, staring at the wall, wasting my time

Its like I’m walking through wet concrete
I leave my mark but every step just slows me down
Like falling down a spiral staircase
Out of control until I hit the ground

Losing my mind
Already melted my brain, staring at the screen, wasting my time
Tuned myself out
I should just turn myself in cause every step is a waste of time.
Track Name: Knife
Out in the street
Out in the night
He holds his blade close
He wears his leather tight
He’s made his mind up
Tonight’s the night
He takes whatever he wants
When he flashes his knife

The sirens trail behind him
But he’s not looking back

Out in the street
Out of the light
Fucking invisible
And sharp as a knife

You won’t ever rid these streets of crime
The police are such a waste of time
You won’t ever rid these streets of crime
These cops are fucked.
Track Name: Clock
Don’t give a shit what you say
I hate everything that you do
You better get the fuck away from me
Your time expires soon.

Run your mouth
Spread your shit
Run your fucking mouth

I hope your legs run faster than your lips

Don’t wanna hear what you think
Don’t give a fuck how you feel
You better get the fuck away from me
So fucking sick of you

Run your mouth
Spread your shit
Run your fucking mouth

The clock is running out on you man.
Track Name: Shit
I won’t amount to nothing
I ain’t shit.
Track Name: Unplug
Keep your head up
They’re watching us from above
Unmanned killing machine
No emotion, no prejudice.
They give out their orders
They provide a death-list
Relentless destruction
Reducing ethics to dust

Invasive manmade species
Shooting strangers down
Do the world a favor
Unplug the game

Turn off the screen, unplug yourself.
This isn’t a dream, end yourself.

Keep your head down
Death’s falling from above
Robot killing machine
No pulse, no nothing
Fuck all their orders
Relentless resistance
It’s time to shoot those fuckers down.